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Kedves kiszolgálás, elképesztő finom ételek és meghitt hangulat! Csak ajánlani tudom!:)

Csodálatos francia stílusú bistro, ahova élmény betérni, a kínálat tökéletes, a felszolgálás pazar, nyugodt szívvel ajánlom mindenkinek.

Ha hangulatra, nyugalomra, kedves kiszolgálásra és jó ételekre vágysz - ide gyere! Piszkosul jól éreztem magam :)

Good food in a beautiful and charming place. The service is great and the beer as well!

What a gorgeous little place just 10 seconds from my front door! Wonderfully kind, friendly staff, great prices, deliscious wine and beautiful decor inside and out with a stunning atmosphere. We will certainly be making this the local! Good luck in your new venture guys although I don't think you'll need an ounce of it! :)

We have come across the place accidentally but it was a great choice to try. It's really cosy and has a unique, romantic atmosphere. The pancakes were delicious and the wine was great. I really liked the interior, they pay attention to every little detail.

Gracias por el trato recibido, gracias por vuestro cariño y vuestra sonrisa, nos habéis hecho pasar dos grandes noches! Recomiendo este locales 100%, comida espectacular, decoración preciosa y una cámarera de curbayor!!!!! Esperamos volverte a ver!

Very good food! Amazing restaurant in Budapest!

Kis ékszerdoboz a hely, nagyon kedves kiszolgálás, finom ételek, zene-minden a helyén van!

Very nice atmosphere and service. Good food - and I can definitely recommend their cheese cake